Oct 232013

Tega Cay Fall Festival

Our Planning and Organizing is done for our share of the Fall Festival which is being held at the Tega Cay Golf and Conference Centre on the 26th October from 10am to 6pm. There are food vendors, childrens games, Halloween fancy dress and many other activities for the whole family.

It is going to be a Sunny beautiful Fall day with no rain – so dress warmly and come and visit our stands to support the Tri-County Neighbors Helping Neighbors. There is something for everyone. The Piedmont Medical Centre is offering free screenings at the Festival and that could literally be a “life-saver.”

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This is our last fundraiser for this year and with winter nearing we are going to need to support local folks in need. We have a few stands at the festival this year with fun for everyone.

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We value our sponsors and thank them for looking after us and we trust that you will continue to support them too!

We are having an “Adopt a Duck” for Christmas spectacular at the Fall Festival – Everyone loves those ducks – please adopt one and in so doing you will be helping those in our area that need assistance.

There will be no parking at the Glennon Center. Parking will be available at the SIM Building, Tega Cay Baptist Church and Lakeshore Community Church; each location has shuttle service to the Glennon Center.

We so look forward to seeing you there!



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Oct 162013

Harlan spent a week vacation at the beach with his Mom, Dad and Grandparents. This photo Is from his Facebook page Harlan The Hero

Harlan at the beachHarlan has been for new tests and Jacki reported this, and I have copied it off her Facebook post for all to read.

“Yesterday we were blown out of the water. We heard something we never even expected to hear again…at least not this soon in the game. 

It’s extremely difficult for me to wrap my brain around what the neurosurgeon said yesterday; “I believe these are tumors.” I personally have to rationalize things by talking them out, verbally, even if just to myself. My rationalization is as follows. 

-3 doctors (Indiana radiation oncologist, Charlotte oncologist and radiologist that has read every one of Harlan’s scans) do not believe these 2 remaining spots have grown in size in a 4 week period. (From September scan to October scan.)

-These same 3 doctors actually said the spots appear to be less dense and not enhancing like they were in the original MRI from September.
-Indiana has confirmed the spots are in radiation field; basically saying it would be highly unlikely that there would be tumor regrowth in this location.

-Charlotte oncologist said if these spots (all 4) were in fact tumors, steroids would not cause them to disappear. 2 of the spots are all but completely gone. 

-If these spots were in fact tumors it would mean they would have had to grow during chemotherapy treatment; seems highly unlikely/impossible considering the drugs and doses Harlan consumed.

-The neurosurgeon is basing his assumption on past cases and experience.

In conclusion, this is my thought.

Harlan has NOT been a textbook case patient from day one. 3 of these 4 doctors have been with Harlan through the long haul. They’ve seen the treatments he’s gone through and how he remarkably handled them all. I love ALL of Harlan’s doctors and trust them with ALL of my being. I also know that a surgeons job is to do just that, “surgery”. It’s what they are trained to do and that’s how they fix things. They do surgery then you don’t typically see them again until it’s time for another surgery. That being said, we (Jonathan and I) are not in anyway shape or form ready to do surgery on our Harlan just to confirm that these tiny spots are or are not tumors. We learned early 

Harlan on vacation

on that we are Harlan’s only voice. Could his surgeon be correct, yes. Could he be wrong, absolutely. But we are not going to conduct a possibly unneeded surgery to prove right or wrong. I don’t like decisions being based on assumptions. I learned from a early age you don’t “assume” anything; it makes a “ass” out of “u” and “me”.

As it stands currently, Jonathan and I have decided to keep Harlan’s surgery date in November just so we have something on the books and don’t end up in a bind IF the spots grow or change and Harlan TRULY does need them removed. I’m of the mindset that if you cancel it you’ll need it…you keep it you won’t need it. In our hearts we (Jonathan and I) don’t believe these spots are tumors. I don’t know what they are. I don’t really care to ever know. I’m personally content with them as long as they stay the same size, get smaller or completely disappear. If at Harlan’s next MRI they are the same size or smaller, we WON’T do anything. If we have to do an MRI every month for the next 6 months, that’s what we will do. 

Our Harlan is a tough cookie, he comes from strong blood. He’s got this, I feel it in my heart. – Jacki”

Please can we ask for continued support for this sweet little boy. He should be having a child’s life not all these trauma’s and pain. What a strong little chap he is. God Bless Jacki, Johnathan and Harlan as they continue along this path.


Oct 142013

Fall and HalloweenWell the Fall Festival is almost upon us and its time to think about Halloween.

The 2013 Tega Cay Fall Festival will be held at Tega Cay Golf and Conference Centre on Saturday, October 26, 2013 from 10am to 6pm. Local Vendors, Arts & crafts, food vendors and of course lots of things for children to do and see.

Please come and support Tri County Neighbors Helping Neighbors so that they can assist those in need through the coming months.

We have lots of fun things to do, including “Adopt a Duck” and games for young and old alike.

See you there – support local – we need you!